About us

Style-Laneway is inspired to help create the look that is YOU – in our opinion fashion is not about right or wrong, fashion is about being creative and interpreting who YOU are as an individual and what you are comfortable with.  

Founders Robert Ian Bonnick (former model/Actor/Nightclub Identity based in Milan) and Marina Agustina (Social Photographer/Blogger/Buyer) have been following the transformation of the fashion world for over 20 years - through working with international brands, countless runway shows, fashion festival and personal experience.

Trend is always come and go, our focus is on those TIMELESS.MINIMALIST.MONOCHOROME pieces with STYLE which you will always treasure season after season....

Style-Laneway has a limited product range, we’re purposely staying away from the oversaturation of products. We prefer to keep it simple and easy for our customers to go through the collection and make their decision – less is more, right?

We also encourage you to ask our friendly team as many questions as you’re comfortable with, before purchasing.

Happy Shopping!